MadFish is Proud to be Gun Friendly

MadFish Solutions is proud to be gun and ammo friendly, providing e-commerce design and consulting services for businesses who sell firearms, ammunition and anything in between. We understand the importance of meeting industry standards and regulations when running a gun or ammo business.

Real Change for Real Cheap Ammo

MadFish Solutions helped an ammunition dealer more than double their conversion rate by completely redesigning their website and optimizing the user experience for both desktop and mobile devices. They began by conducting customer research to understand how customers interacted with the site, what they found most daunting, and what goals they had when visiting. Using this data, MadFish Solutions crafted an entirely new website experience with a modern, intuitive layout and optimized the site for search engine rankings. Through this process they were able to not only increase conversion rates but also create a more enjoyable user experience that brought in return customers.

The Problem

Real Cheap Ammo was struggling to grow their online business due to their website's poor design and lack of mobile-friendliness. Customers were having a hard time navigating the site, which led to low conversion rates and a decrease in sales. In addition, the website did not appear correctly on smaller devices, so potential customers were being driven away.

How We Helped

We were able to revamp their website and optimize it for better customer experience and higher conversion rates. We tailored the design to be user-friendly on all devices, making the purchasing process much simpler, faster and more efficient. Our team also worked with Real Cheap Ammo to improve their product page layout, resulting in an internet store that looks great and helps customers find what they need quickly and easily. 

How They've Grown

We were able to make a huge impact on the success of Real Cheap Ammo's website by more than doubling their conversion rate. Through our modern design, optimized for all devices, and improved product page layout, customers were quickly and easily able to find exactly what they needed. This, combined with our expert customer service team, allowed Real Cheap Ammo to greatly increase their sales run rate in a very short time period. Our team was proud to be part of this achievement and help Real Cheap Ammo reach even higher levels of success.

When it comes to firearms, BigCommerce and MadFish Solutions have your back. We know being gun owner friendly is an absolute must, so we've developed a solution that combines years of experience in design, conversion rate optimization, and user experience with the best tools on the market. Plus, our team has worked closely with many different firearms businesses to create solutions tailored specifically for the firearms industry. With our help, you can easily expand your online presence and reach more customers who share your same passion for guns and ammunition. So don't wait - let us help you take your business to the next level today!

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At MadFish Solutions, we strive to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. That's why we're excited to partner with Spark Shipping, a drop shipping inventory management system that works with some of the leading gun and ammo distributors around the world. With their help, we can make sure your website is stocked with fresh products at all times and ensure that orders arrive quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today to learn more about how this partnership could benefit your business.

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